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My Journey

I lost my father at the age of 8. As I grew, I realized photos were few and far between of him. I became determined to photograph the people I love each and every day.

I didn’t just want my photos to mean something, I wanted them to be skillfully crafted too. So I took my passion to the Nation’s Capitol and received my BFA in photojournalism, where I fell in love with visual storytelling.

They say a picture’s worth 1,000 words—personally, I think they’re worth so much more. Photojournalism is all about capturing moments that when strung together, tell a story better than words ever could.

I knew I wanted to tell stories, but I wanted them to be stories about love, family, togetherness, and joy. Which is precisely why I chose wedding photography—because weddings combine all those elements into one gorgeous day.

Today, you can find me behind the lens capturing love stories all across the Midwest. Helping people tell the story of the most beautiful day of their life brings me more joy + fulfillment than I knew possible.




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