Have questions? I have answers!

Check out some of my most frequently asked questions for all the details.

What is your booking process?
Once you hit send with all the details for your wedding day, I’ll get back to you within 24 hours. We’ll talk more details and I’ll put together a custom package for you. Have more questions? We can chat on the phone or grab coffee! You can decide if I am a good fit for you and then you’ll save the date! Once you save the date, we’ll schedule your engagement session and get to know each other!

We’re SO awkward when we take photos. What do we do?
Me too. That’s why I stay behind the camera and make sure we’re having TONS OF FUN. I’ll get a few of what I like to call, parent pleasers – the photos of you two looking at the camera and smiling nice. But then I like to get you two interacting with each other, laughing, and soaking it all in. I’ll play music to keep the vibe going, get you two cracking jokes, and by the end we’ll be laughing our asses off!

How long does it take for my photos to get delivered?
You’ll have a sneak peak within 24 hours of you two saying, “I do,” and the full gallery within 6-8 weeks!

How many hours should I book my photography for?
8 hours is my most booked package. It usually covers a little bit of getting ready up to the first dances. If you’re having a smaller, more intimate wedding you can definitely go for 4 or 6 hours. Want more of you and the babe getting ready AND your final send off? 10+ hours is the way to go!

What dictates the hours that you’re there?
You do! It is all totally up to you and what the most important parts of the day are that you want captured. We’ll create a customized timeline for your day so you know exactly when I arrive, what shots I’ll be getting, and when I say goodbye!

Should I hire a videographer?
Totally your choice! If you do hire a videographer, we’ll work together to make sure we aren’t in each other’s way and still capturing all the best parts of your day! I can send some recommendations your way if you’re still looking for one!

What are shots that you take that others don’t?
My background is in photojournalism so on the day of, I like to lay back and catch the unexpected moments. I’ll get all the classics and the most important ones to you, absolutely! But, I also like to give you some moments you didn’t get to see throughout the day. Your day is going to FLY. That’s why I’m there. To make sure you get to relive the day after it’s all said and done.

Can I see a full gallery of a previous wedding?
Absolutely! I am an open book! I think it is SO important to thoroughly research the photographer for your wedding. Ask to see a full wedding gallery – this will show you that they know how to work in every kind of lighting situation. Make sure you can trust them. Ask for reviews.

What is your backup process?
I shoot on two cards on two cameras all day long. That means if one card goes bad in one camera, I have 3 other cards. If my camera decides to be temper-mental, I have another one so I make sure I always have a way to get the photos you’re wanting! As soon as I get home, I back up my memory cards onto two hard drives. Once I deliver the photos, your gallery acts as a digital cloud for your photos. I always recommend backing up your own photos on a hard drive because you never know when the internet is going to drop.


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