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What I wouldn’t give to hear my grandpa’s voice again.


To hear the slight crackle in his voice as he calls me chicken little one last time.
To feel the emotion when your eyes well up as you share a dance with dad.
To be wrapped in comfort every time you see the way your person looks at you.

It’s why we carry a camera; To capture the legacy of your friends and family.

Your Love. Your Family. Your marriage.

Your photos and your wedding film are the heirlooms that remain after your celebration is over. They are there to give you reassurance of the love you have for each other. To feel secure in knowing you can look back on and hear your favorite people’s voices even when they are gone. To find comfort on the days you need it most. 

Honesty. Human connection. And Home

Throughout your day, we’ll help you realign with what truly matters – You, your people and the memories you share.

The Engagement

After you hit inquire, you’ll get a call from us within 48 hours. We’ll connect, get to know each other, and see if we’re a good fit for your celebration!

During your engagement session, we’ll keep it chill and embrace your mannerisms and quirks for photos that truly feel like you. Feel free to bring the fur babes along!



Leading up to the big day I’ll help you create the perfect timeline to capture all of the best moments. When it’s time to say. “I Do,” we’ll keep it simple and easy. Approaching your day with the utmost care and excitement for all of the new memories you’re about to make!



After it’s all said and done, I’ll send you all the best moments in a sneak peek of the day within 48 hours! 6 weeks later, you’ll receive your wedding gallery!


Embracing you as you.

Documenting your day in the best way we know how.

Whether it’s guiding you into candid poses to help you look and feel your best or simply being an observer, capturing those intimate candid moments between you, your partner and the humans (fur babes included!) you share your wedding day with.

Olivia + Christian

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