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5 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer


Searching for the perfect photographer can be totally overwhelming. There are a TON of good choices out there and then some not so amazing ones. How can you decide who is right for your big day?

Here are my top 5 questions you should be asking your potential photographer to see if they would be a great fit!

1. Can I see a full wedding gallery (or two)? They should say YES! Your photographer should have 100% confidence in the product they deliver. Their website is going to showcase their highlight reel, but what about the not so glamorous parts of the day? Can they capture those with emotion and quality too? A full wedding gallery will give you a great overview of how they work in every situation. I always offer two – one showcasing an outdoor wedding and one showcasing in indoor wedding. You should have full confidence in your photographer to excel in every situation!


2. What does your contract look like? Ask them about their rescheduling fees, what happens if they can’t make it on the day of, and make sure you know what their policies are. ALWAYS read the contract and do your research before paying a large sum of money.

3. What is your communication process? You’ll get a sneak peak into this in how long it takes for them to respond to your initial inquiry. It is SO important that you photographer keeps an open and clear dialogue with you. Will they answer all your questions? Do they help with outfits for your engagement session? Do they help in creating a timeline? Make sure they will be there 100% for you to answer any questions and help you along the way.


4. Can I contact a few of your previous couples? DO YOUR RESEARCH. Don’t get rushed and lose track of the important things along the way. Your photographer will give you one of the only tangible takeaways from you wedding day. Make sure they can deliver on their promise. Talk to a few of their past clients. Get to know what the experience was like for them and if that photographer was able to deliver all the way up to the wedding day and past it with their gallery.

5. What is your delivery process? It’s the day after your wedding and if you’re anything like me you’re dying to see some photos! Make sure you know how long it is going to be until you receive them. Some photographers offer sneak peaks within a certain timeframe of the wedding day. Other don’t. How long will it be until you receive your full gallery? This goes back to your engagement session too! Will you get the photos back in time to send save the dates?




On the search for a wedding photographer? Drop in below and let’s chat!

Happy Wedding Planning Babes!

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