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5 Questions to ask your wedding DJ.

Vibe With Your Wedding DJ By Asking These 5 Questions

You will be working with them for a while so make sure you have people in your circle that will be there for you and give you what you need on the day of!




Questions you should be asking you wedding DJ


  1. What is your music style? Do they play a combo of today’s hits an oldies? Are they mainly celebrating the 60’s and 70’s? Will they work with you on creating a custom playlist that matches your day? Your reception is the party, it’s the main celebration! It’s still 100% about you and the music should fit!

  2. How involved with the crowd are you? Do they help get the crowd pumped up and excited to celebrate with you or do they sit back and just play music because that’s what you paid them for? I have seen DJ’s all over the spectrum. Personally, I love working with DJ’s who help get you pumped to be out on the dance floor and jump in with you!

  3. Will they help manage the reception timeline? This is an important one! Your reception makes up 50% of your day. Make sure its running on time and smoothly with the help of your DJ. If something happens will they know to communicate and keep the guests entertained while you do what you need to? Will they communicate with your videographer and photographer to make sure they know what and when things will be happening?

  4. What kind of lighting set up do they use? Your lighting truly makes a difference! Can they read a room and know the vibe of lights they should have or do they do the same neon lines and dots for every single song? Find a DJ who will help you with lighting during every song to make sure your first dance is lighted elegantly, just the way it should and bring out the lasers for the rave at the end! Trust me…You do not want little lasers and dots floating all over you during your first dance photos!

  5. Will they announce the various events happening during your reception? This may seem obvious, but I have been to weddings where they do not announce anything! Guests were all standing around during cocktail hour and didn’t even know the wedding party was entering when they did! Make sure your DJ will announce your entrance, the speeches, the cake cutting, and all your dances so your guests know what’s happening and won’t miss out on celebrating with you!




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