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Tips for Planning An Intimate Backyard Wedding – Iowa Wedding Photographer


In my personal opinion, there is nothing better than a backyard wedding. It’s relaxed, casual and you feel at home – because you are! It’s the perfect backdrop to tying the knot with your best friend and sharing the memory with your closest friends and family!

There is a lot to consider when it comes to planning a celebration in your backyard. I’m here to give you the downlow on all things backyard wedding planning and help make this process a whole lot easier!

Set your date wisely!

Consider your area and what the weather will be like! If you don’t love being overly hot, don’t pick July. If you want lots of greens, stick to a summer wedding. If you’re aiming for those gorgeous Fall colors, choose September or October. Most of all, HAVE A BACKUP PLAN! Rent tents or have a space that you know you can go inside in the case of torrential downpours!

Pro Tip: If you’re in Iowa, September is hands down the best month to get married. I have yet to meet rain on a September wedding and the weather is always a perfect 75!


Don’t Forget About The Getting Ready Space.

Something that can often be overlooked or put on the back burner is where you’ll be getting ready. Don’t get ready outdoors. This one may be obvious, but I’ve seen it done before and everyone was cramped and sweaty before the day even began.

My go to – get ready in your house! Find a room with lots of natural light and has plenty of space to move around. If you’re not keen on your house, rent an Airbnb! There are so many great spots in the CR area with beautiful light!


Set the stage for your ceremony!

Find a focal point your love! Is there are tree that has you reminiscing on days spent climbing or a large grassy area that’s a beautiful backdrop? One thing to consider is the time of day you’ll be getting married. When it comes to photography, shade is your friend on a bright sunny day and if you don’t want to be squinting through the entire ceremony, you might consider an area that is nicely shaded!


Trim The Yard And Get The Rentals!

The best part about a backyard wedding? It doesn’t take much to make it beautiful! Trim the bushes and weed the garden and you’ll have the perfect backdrop for your celebration. My suggestion? Hire out! It will be worth it not to do this step on your own!

Consider what things you need to make sure everyone is comfortable and you have enough seating. Rent chairs and tables from a local vendor. Add items like couches and soft pillows to warm up the space and add some character!


Lights! Camera! Action!

The most important aspect if you’re having a later reception are the lights and the sound! How are you lighting the area? Do you have enough power to have the lights and queue the DJ? Consider getting a high power generator to ensure you have enough power to light the area the entire time and you avoid any power outages.


Relax and Have Fun!

My number one tip for any and all types of celebrations! You can only do so much planning and organizing. So set a date shortly before the wedding that what isn’t done, is okay. Give up the control to someone else and be present with your partner. You’re here to marry them and whatever else happens, embrace it and find joy in it!


Planning your own backyard celebration? We’d love to capture it!


Check out some of my favorite backyard celebrations below!


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