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Quarantined at home? Here’s 10 things you can do to stay occupied!

Quarantined Hobbies

I put together a short little list of things you can do to stay entertained and not strangle your fiancé while you two are sequestered together!

Who knew you’d be getting to spend SO much time together before the big day?


  1. Wedding plan!! You finally have some down time to dive in – research vendors, choose your wedding colors, and make ALL the Pinterest boards!

  2. Finish that home project. We have been itching to redo our basement. We got all the walls painted, but it’s time to finally finish painting the floor and get things put back together. Now is the perfect time to finish up a few home improvement projects you’ve been procrastinating on!

  3. Read a book. Need some time away from the hubby? Lock yourself in the bathroom with a book, your favorite glass of wine, and all of the bubbles. Soak in this much needed time to relax and rejuvenate!

  4. Clean up the yard! If the weather is nice out, take advantage of it!! Finish raking all the leaves you never finished from last Fall. Clean up the garden and get ready to plant all of the things because you actually have time to try this year! Clean up the landscape and get ready for Summer. Y’all know we are craving some summer right now.

  5. Get your Yoga on. Take a break and do some yoga. Recenter yourself and maintain positivity. It can be easy to fall into a negative headspace during this time. Not sure how to practice yoga? Join Genevieve Jin for her live yoga classes via Zoom.

  6. Bake something! Have a recipe you’ve been dying to try? Put on that apron and make all the deliciousness happen!

  7. Set new goals. Anyone else looking at this a time to reset and rethink? Make a list of new goals to achieve by the end of the year. These can be anything! Read 10 books, cook dinner 4 times a week, do a home workout every day, and anything else your heart desires!

  8. Rethink your financials. I’m about to get a little serious on this one. I know a lot of people who are personally affected by the closings, lay-offs, and financial burden this situation has created. Now is the time to start planning. How can you feel more secure if by chance this ever happened again? Rethink the budget, make a plan, and build a 6 month emergency fund so that you’re protected no matter what in the future.

  9. Connect with people! This may seem hard to do right now. You can, I promise! Write a card to all of your relatives. Donate some toilet paper or anything else to someone who actually needs it.

  10. Get outside. Go for a motorcycle ride with you partner. Move your body! Walk around the block. Clear you mind. Jog up the hill you haven’t been able to tackle yet. Today is the day. Get outside and enjoy it with every fiber in your being. (Be sure to practice social distancing during this time!)




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