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Trying to figure out what family photos should be taken on the wedding day?? I’m sharing my go to family portrait list for wedding days!

My biggest tip to keep things efficient and easy?
Keep family portraits small and write down everyone’s names!

I give each one of my couples the list below to fill in with their family members names. I try to knock out family photos within 30 minutes. That way you’re not spending all day taking photos and actually get to enjoy the day! I suggest keeping the family portrait session to immediate family members and if you’re wanting any large groups, we’ll knock those out during the reception!


Immediate Family Groupings

Partner 1 + Partner 2 w/ Partner 1 Parents

Partner 1 + Partner 2 w/ Partner 1 Parents/Siblings

Partner 1 + Partner 2 w/Parents/Siblings/Grandparents

Partner 1 w/ Parents

Partner 1 w/ Parents/Siblings

Partner 1 w/ Siblings

Partner 1 w/ Grandparents

Partner 2 + Partner 1 w/ Partner 2 Parents

Partner 2 + Partner 1 w/ Partner 2 Parents + Siblings

Partner 2 + Partner 1 w/ Partner 2 Parents + Grandparents

Partner 2 w/ Parents

Partner 2 w/ Parents/Siblings

Partner 2 w/ Siblings

Partner 2 w/ Grandparents

Larger Family Groupings

These can become quite big and maybe a little chaotic sometimes. So in order to avoid any stress or confusion before the ceremony, I always suggest doing any large family photos during the reception. Shortly after dinner, ask your DJ to make an announcement for the family to come to the dance floor and we’ll snag a quick big group photo!

Ready to have us capture the day for you and your family and friends?


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